The Family Carrot

Dexter will only eat carrots one way: raw, whole and unpeeled.

He says peeling it makes the carrot “too cold.”

Sunday was a gorgeous, sunny day so we met up with some friends at a local park for picnic and playtime. Despite the presence of the fresh cut fruits and vegetables I laboriously prepared, Dexter would only eat a giant, unpeeled carrot.

Naturally, as Theo devotedly admires his big brother, that is all he wanted to eat, as well. So as my artful crudite went neglected, these two jokers passed this carrot back and forth, taking turns gnawing on it like weird little cartoon rabbits.

Hence, what I dubbed The Family Carrot:

“Share The Family Carrot with your brother!” “Dexter, pass The Family Carrot to Theo.” “Theo, don’t toss The Family Carrot into the sand… oh. The Family Carrot is dead, now.”  — Things I actually said throughout the day.

It was a stunner, though. Dexter tossed a Frisbee for the first time. It went poorly:

No, I don’t know what he’s doing with his shorts in the middle of the video, either.

Dex also started finally pulling some weight around here:

It was a stunning day, and we were all so happy to soak up a little sun (through our thick coatings of sunscreen) after what has felt like an especially long, wet, grey winter. I hated to go, but I had plans of my own:


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