Three first-rate things Dex did over the weekend

1. Dexter plucked me three tiny yellow flowers from the garden, handed me the bouquet and proudly announced, “I picked these for you, Mommy!”

Peak parenting moment.

2. He was really good all day Sunday, even without a nap (!) so we rewarded him with a little slice of cake. After he finished it, he declared, “I want more cake in my mouth!”

I turned to Matt and said, “I think he’s officially a walking meme, now.”

3. At that same dinner, Dexter decided to pick up Theo’s bowl and attempt to spoon some sweet potatoes into his little brother’s mouth. Matt was looking away so I did that thing where you frantically swat at someone while trying to be completely cool and silent so you don’t do anything to break the magic spell.

Thankfully, our pal Jaime, who was visiting, had her wits about her and took some photos which she turned into this neat little video:

4. A bonus first rate thing that just happened today: Mary Poppins told us she planned to make homemade lollies with the kids. (Popsicles, for the Americans.) When I hugged Dexter goodbye, I said, “Have fun! Don’t eat too many lollies!”

Matt told me as they were getting in the car, Dexter leaned over and confided, “I’m gonna eat too many lollies.”

Little rebel.

Mary Poppins sent photos:

Dexter crushing raspberries with a giant club into a tiny measuring cup is my new favorite aesthetic. Such focus.

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