Dexter Ian: Twelve Months Old

DexMonth12Our baby had a birthday. Yesterday, Dexter Ian turned one year old.

He feeds himself most meals, is going to start walking any minute, and occasionally will give his parents a kiss. Dex loves making people laugh and if a catchy song comes on, he’ll bob his head back and forth in this little Stevie Wonder dance.

Dexter finally added MAMAMAMA to his lexicon, and it’s a good thing because he’s been saying DADADADA for a few months now and I was starting to take it personally.

He’s growing and changing so quickly that we’ve begun to miss things. Saturday, I’m playing with him and making him laugh when I notice his smile looks different. One, two, three, four, FIVE TEETH, oh my gosh Dexter grew a whole new tooth and neither of us noticed.

I’ve been Dexter’s mommy for 12 months, which means for one year, I’ve been his favorite person. That special status is something I didn’t think much about, when I thought about what it would be like to be a parent, and the intensity of Dex’s gaze surprised me. There were a few weeks in the beginning where it really freaked me out. Was I up to the task of being this tiny human’s number one? I really wasn’t sure, and I was terrified I’d let him down.

Now that we’ve been hanging out for a year, though, it’s different. When he reaches for me or calls for me or his eyes light up because I’ve walked into the room I just feel honored. Honored that Dexter is in our family. Honored that he loves me. Honored that I get to be his mom. So, so honored to be Dexter’s most favorite person.

Because guess what? Along with Matt, Dexter is my favorite person, too.

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  1. Aghhhh I love this and so excited you have a blog! Dexter is the cutestttt and 5 teeth?! How in the worlddddd……..

    Having lived with Cash & Krystal in the past – I know allllll about the mom being baby’s most favorite person. Like – at times I’d feel completely inadequate in Cash’s eyes, especially when he was sick and Krystal had to do something (like, say, shower) and Cash wanted NOTHING TO DO WITH ME AT ALL. Krystal and I have grown apart, but for a time there, I was probably his second favorite person – maybe third/four next to his grammies – but definitely second favorite in an “who sees him every day” kind of thing. And, let me tell you – when I do get to see him now (or did – like its been too long – i miss him so much) and he would light up and scream “AUNT KATY” and run to me. Made my freaking day.
    I tell you all of that to tell you this: I cannot wait to have a baby look at me like the way Cash looks at Krystal. I cannot wait to be a little perfect baby’s number one person. I cannot wait to feel that overwhelming love.

    Now. If I could just get married. JACKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

    😛 (He’s working on it, even has some plans I think, and I am trying to be freaking patient and I’M SO TERRIBLE AT IT).

    Katy J

    (If you ever want to read my blog, its – I try not to clog up my facebook with it too much).

  2. First of all, I’m sorry that I somehow skimmed over this and it’s taken me so long to respond.

    Second of all, I already follow your blog.

    Third of all, you’re right – the favorite person thing is ultimately awesome. I think I just had to get over that initial hump of OH MY GOD THIS IS SO MUCH PRESSURE.

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