Dexter Ian: Nine Months Old

DexMonth9Dexter Ian is nine months old today. This age is super interesting, with new skills every day, and a recent and charming one is that Dexter has learned how to wave. He waves his whole arm, from the shoulder, and is very generous with them. Mom back from getting a glass of water? Better wave. Matt walked across the room to get the laundry, now he’s returned? Wave to make sure Dad feels greeted. Miss Maria at daycare running around like a crazy woman taking care of a thousand babies? She deserves a hearty wave every time she passes by.

Dex laughs at fake sneezes (but not real ones), pulls himself to kneeling and still becomes furious when a meal ends. He loves his toys and invents little systems and games that surprise me with their cleverness. Dexter says DADADADADA and YAYAYAYAYA either in a whisper or at bullhorn top volume, rarely in between.

Another recent milestone is Dex will feed himself a teething biscuit, an entertaining spectacle that all four grandparents and two aunts have witnessed via Facetime. Eventually, I’ll have to break it to this kid, that there will come a day when loved ones probably won’t want to watch him eat a cracker with extended focus and utter, rapt delight. For now, though, I think I’ll let him believe that he is the center of the universe, a baby made of magic and adored by all.

Especially me.

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