Dexter Ian: Four Months Old

DexMonth4Dexter Ian is four months old today. His favorite things are sticking out his tongue, being the world’s most accomplished baby at resisting naps and waking up in the morning and babbling to himself while Matt and I lie in bed and giggle until one of us gives in and gets him out of his rocker.

This past month has been travel-y. Dexter went to the Keys, Pennsylvania and Ohio, where our 3-year-old nephew, Collin, was way excited to hold his new cousin. Word is Collin is still smitten and whenever anyone asks about Dex, he says, “He is getting SO big!”

Dexter does this thing, you guys, where someone else is holding him and I’ll be talking and not paying attention and then suddenly I’ll notice his face and he is looking at me, grinning with absolute, unabashed delight. It knocks me out every time.

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