Acts of Kindness for Reed and Spencer 2015

Reed and Spencer Day

Dear Friends,

August 9, 2015 will be a hard day for Matt and me. It is the two-year anniversary of when our twins died.

Every year we honor them by performing an act of kindness in their memory, and we are asking that you do the same.

It doesn’t have to be costly or complicated – compliment a stranger, buy someone a coffee, pick up some litter. Whatever you do, please document it with a photo and either hashtag it #ReedAndSpencer, and/or tag Matt and me in your image. Our hope is that during this difficult day, rather than dwelling on the sadness, we can find some joy in seeing our friends performing kind gestures in memory of our boys.

We’re creating care packages for those families, and we need you to help us find items to include. The families aren’t necessarily needy – although the NICU ain’t cheap – but they’re in need of some care. Do you or does your business offer any sort of pampering services, like massage or spa treatment? What about luxury toiletries or candies? How about a journal or a beautiful pen? Do you know anyone who owns or manages nearby restaurants, who I could talk to about gift cards so the family can have a night out? We would need donations in lots of 25, to make sure all of the families receive a package.

Want to help? Please comment or email me with what you can provide and we’ll hook it up! We¬† don’t care if one of us has to drive all over Florida to gather items and gift cards – these families are going through a crap time and deserve some love. If you cannot donate goods and want to provide some money for us to use to purchase things then feel free to use this donate button: Donate to Random Acts of Kindness

If you’re able to support, thank you in advance. Even if you can’t, thank you for taking the time to read this far – just a little bit more to go!

We hope you will help us get through this tough time by spreading a little love. Thank you so much for the support you have already given – we are honored to call you our family and friends.

Jamie and Matt

P.S. Feel free to share this event with any and all. There is no such thing as too much kindness.

P.P.S. For our new friends, here is a link that describes what happened to Reed and Spencer:

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Dexter Ian: Three Months Old

DexMonth3Dexter Ian is three months old today. His favorite things are kicking his legs furiously when he should be sleeping, incessantly babbling to Dad about his day when he should be sleeping, and being totally freaking exhausted but resisting sleep anyway. Dex smiles a lot but hasn’t quite broken out a laugh yet.

Dexter is also the newest member of Team Watermark, and comes to work with Mommy two days a week. He’s not much help with editing but is great for morale.

At least once a day, Matt and I look at him and wonder how the heck we made something so, so beautiful.

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