Dexter Ian: Twelve Months Old

DexMonth12Our baby had a birthday. Yesterday, Dexter Ian turned one year old.

He feeds himself most meals, is going to start walking any minute, and occasionally will give his parents a kiss. Dex loves making people laugh and if a catchy song comes on, he’ll bob his head back and forth in this little Stevie Wonder dance.

Dexter finally added MAMAMAMA to his lexicon, and it’s a good thing because he’s been saying DADADADA for a few months now and I was starting to take it personally.

He’s growing and changing so quickly that we’ve begun to miss things. Saturday, I’m playing with him and making him laugh when I notice his smile looks different. One, two, three, four, FIVE TEETH, oh my gosh Dexter grew a whole new tooth and neither of us noticed.

I’ve been Dexter’s mommy for 12 months, which means for one year, I’ve been his favorite person. That special status is something I didn’t think much about, when I thought about what it would be like to be a parent, and the intensity of Dex’s gaze surprised me. There were a few weeks in the beginning where it really freaked me out. Was I up to the task of being this tiny human’s number one? I really wasn’t sure, and I was terrified I’d let him down.

Now that we’ve been hanging out for a year, though, it’s different. When he reaches for me or calls for me or his eyes light up because I’ve walked into the room I just feel honored. Honored that Dexter is in our family. Honored that he loves me. Honored that I get to be his mom. So, so honored to be Dexter’s most favorite person.

Because guess what? Along with Matt, Dexter is my favorite person, too.

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Dexter Ian: Eleven Months Old

DexMonth11As of yesterday, Dexter Ian is 11 months old. I just want to be sure everyone is aware that 11 months is just one month away from ONE YEAR OLD. Please direct me to the office where I can file a complaint regarding the too-rapid passage of time.

I’m aware that kids like toys and that’s why they exist, but Dexter really loves toys, playing and exploring with impressive energy and creativity. He has four teeth now and plays Level 4 peek-a-boo, where he covers his face with his own hands. Sometimes he mostly misses, which is hilarious. (“Where’s Dexter? Oh. He’s right there.”) His favorite things are being upside down, cracking himself up by sticking his pacifier in mommy’s or daddy’s mouth and crawling up the stairs then taking off in a sprint-crawl, giggling wildly, giddy with freedom.

Our morning routine right now is that I get up and make a bottle while Matt grabs Dex out of his crib and entertains him until milk is ready. Every day, my not-a-snuggler baby practically flings himself out of Matt’s arms when he sees me because for some reason, he not only deigns to hug me for a whole 15 seconds every morning but he seems to really, really crave it. So do I, kid. Thank you for the best 15 seconds of my day.

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Dexter Ian: Ten Months Old

DexMonth10Dexter Ian is ten months old today. Somehow, he sensed that I wasn’t sure what to write about because he hit THREE milestones today. 1. Dexter achieved Level 2 peek-a-boo (that’s where he hides behind a blanket himself, rather than having me fling the blanket onto his face for him to pull down) 2. He has been laboriously pulling himself to standing for about a week but today, Dex whipped himself upright like it was nothing and 3. He climbed all three steps in our house, oh crap, the world is Dexter’s open-electrical-socket-and-sharp-object-and-poisonous-liquid-filled-oyster. It’s amazing he had time for all of this because he also took a nap on my chest for 2+ hours but as my Dad says, Dexter is BUSY.

This is a hard time for me. Bad stuff has happened, some not my fault and some absolutely my fault. I’m frequently overwhelmed and frustrated and I’m struggling to see the path to make it better. And then I look at Matt and Dexter and feel all this love and you think I’m going to say it makes it all disappear but it doesn’t. It makes it worse, because I worry I’m failing them. But my guys, and how I feel about them, also keep me focused. Dexter smiles at me and suddenly, I know the path will form. And once it does? I got this. Because they are so, so worth it.

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Dexter Ian: Nine Months Old

DexMonth9Dexter Ian is nine months old today. This age is super interesting, with new skills every day, and a recent and charming one is that Dexter has learned how to wave. He waves his whole arm, from the shoulder, and is very generous with them. Mom back from getting a glass of water? Better wave. Matt walked across the room to get the laundry, now he’s returned? Wave to make sure Dad feels greeted. Miss Maria at daycare running around like a crazy woman taking care of a thousand babies? She deserves a hearty wave every time she passes by.

Dex laughs at fake sneezes (but not real ones), pulls himself to kneeling and still becomes furious when a meal ends. He loves his toys and invents little systems and games that surprise me with their cleverness. Dexter says DADADADADA and YAYAYAYAYA either in a whisper or at bullhorn top volume, rarely in between.

Another recent milestone is Dex will feed himself a teething biscuit, an entertaining spectacle that all four grandparents and two aunts have witnessed via Facetime. Eventually, I’ll have to break it to this kid, that there will come a day when loved ones probably won’t want to watch him eat a cracker with extended focus and utter, rapt delight. For now, though, I think I’ll let him believe that he is the center of the universe, a baby made of magic and adored by all.

Especially me.

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Dexter Ian: Eight Months Old

DexMonth8Dexter Ian is eight months old, officially as of December 10, but it turns out he already is hiding things from his parents at a 10th grade level. A week and a half ago, when I went to pick him up from daycare, Dex was hanging out in an odd place. The babies crawl all over, but it was an area I’d never seen a baby put down, so I asked his teacher, “Did you guys place him there or did he scoot there?” “Oh,” she replied casually. “He crawled there.” After I picked my jaw up off the floor I explained that his father and I were unaware our child could crawl since, you know, he’d never done it at home. It seems he’d been crawling at daycare for at least a week. We still haven’t been able to replicate the results and to this day, neither Matt nor I have witnessed Dexter crawling. Secret skills!

He still loves to eat, pounding on the table between bites if you aren’t scooping them into his adorable mouth fast enough for his liking. I swear he’s been singing in the backseat when we drive him around. No other time. He hates baths again for no reason at all. We’re ready for that phase to pass. Dexter loves fingering and exploring and smashing his toys. His favorite playthings are pill bottles and plastic packaging because Matt and I are terrible parents.

Ever since he left the newborn phase behind, Dexter hasn’t been the cuddliest kid, preferring to move and explore rather than to sit and snuggle. He’s starting to lean in on that a little, occasionally napping on my chest or relaxing into my lap while he gently touches my face or toys with a lock of my hair. Because I know his next developmental leap could erase these affectionate moments in an instant, I’ve been making a point to stop everything else and meet Dex halfway, breathing deeply, holding his fingers, drinking him in. As soon as he inevitably starts to wiggle, I pull him close and whisper in his ear. “Dexter! I love you. And I love being your mommy.”

And then I hand him the nearest bottle of vitamins so he can shake it like maracas.

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Dexter Ian: Seven Months Old

DexMonth7Dexter Ian is seven months old… well. He turned seven months on the 10th, almost a whole week ago, and this photo wasn’t taken until yesterday, and you have no idea how hard it was for me to admit those lapses that no one cares about except me. A couple of weeks ago, I sat in my doctor’s office, rigid with anxiety and actually said the sentence, “I am doing the best I can but I could do better.” You better believe she called me on my crap immediately. I’m working on it. Inhale. Exhale. Calm blue ocean calm blue ocean.

You might notice this photo looks different. That is because Dexter no longer tolerates lying on his back, although of course I tried, and those photos look like he is bring tortured, so we went with “sitting up and shaking poor sock monkey do he is a mere blur.”

Dexter likes silly dances (both watching and and performing), his antibiotics (touch of bronchitis this month), slapping his hand on whatever surface he can reach and babbling emphatically while Facetiming family far away. He’s at this really cool stage where he intently observes and you can practically SEE his little brain cells firing away while he soaks up his surroundings. We try to take Dex to as many new places as we can to encourage this.

Maybe instead of calm blue ocean, that’s my mantra: show him the world, show him the world. If we keep doing that and loving him hard, I imagine the rest will fall into place.


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Dexter Ian: Six Months Old

DexMonth6Dexter Ian is six months old today. Matt and I have been parents for a whole half of a year! The big news is he’s in daycare now, where he’s breaking hearts and you guessed it – refusing naps. The kid is a man of action and just doesn’t like to sleep. At this moment in time, though, nighttime is going pretty well. (Subject to change at whim of tiny human.)

Dexter’s favorite things are sweet potatoes, bouncing in his bouncer, chewing on everything and disarming his parents with the most handsome smile you’ve ever seen. He babbles and seems close to a word, so every time he makes word-like sounds Matt and I swoop in and start saying “Dada! Dada!” and “Mama! Mama!” in an effort to lobby the baby in his choice of first word, because of course, this is a competition. When this happens, Dex usually just smiles knowingly, like he’s thinking, “Damn, do I ever have these two wrapped around my finger.”

He’s right.

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Dexter Ian: Five Months Old

DexMonth5Dexter Ian is five months old today. In the past month he’s become more, well, dexterous. Matt and I observe developmental leaps just about daily, visible in the way he handles his toys and interacts with people. He laughs when we play his favorite games: “Oh No Mommy Dropped The Baby” and “Oh No Mommy Turned Into A Zombie And She’s Going To Eat Your Brains.”

Speaking of eating, we are trying out solids and Dexter has enjoyed a gourmet meal of runny oatmeal for two dinners now. Sleep continues to be an issue (I have him wrapped on me and am trying to get him to drop off as I type this) and it is extra challenging since he’s outgrown his bedside rocker and moved onto his crib. Matt and I have teamed up and made a plan and are determined to crack it, right in time for Dexter’s next developmental leap when we’ll have to start all over.

The other day, Dex was practicing barrel rolls on our bed and I turned to Matt and said, “I can’t believe we have this awesome baby. And he LIVES in our HOUSE.” My sister tells me that awed feeling never really goes away. I hope she’s right.

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Dexter Ian: Four Months Old

DexMonth4Dexter Ian is four months old today. His favorite things are sticking out his tongue, being the world’s most accomplished baby at resisting naps and waking up in the morning and babbling to himself while Matt and I lie in bed and giggle until one of us gives in and gets him out of his rocker.

This past month has been travel-y. Dexter went to the Keys, Pennsylvania and Ohio, where our 3-year-old nephew, Collin, was way excited to hold his new cousin. Word is Collin is still smitten and whenever anyone asks about Dex, he says, “He is getting SO big!”

Dexter does this thing, you guys, where someone else is holding him and I’ll be talking and not paying attention and then suddenly I’ll notice his face and he is looking at me, grinning with absolute, unabashed delight. It knocks me out every time.

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Dexter Ian: Three Months Old

DexMonth3Dexter Ian is three months old today. His favorite things are kicking his legs furiously when he should be sleeping, incessantly babbling to Dad about his day when he should be sleeping, and being totally freaking exhausted but resisting sleep anyway. Dex smiles a lot but hasn’t quite broken out a laugh yet.

Dexter is also the newest member of Team Watermark, and comes to work with Mommy two days a week. He’s not much help with editing but is great for morale.

At least once a day, Matt and I look at him and wonder how the heck we made something so, so beautiful.

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