Dex and the T. Rex: Theo is five months old

Theo Rex is five months old now, and we may have moved from sunny Florida to grey London, but we do not miss the weather at all because Theo is the brightest ray of sunshine.

He rarely cries, just makes some fussy noises until we give him some love. He has been experimenting with some solid food and exactly like Dexter, likes it all so much that he pounds the table between bites until we spoon in more more more. Really, the only time Theo does cry is when I run out of food in the bowl and have to take two minutes to walk into the kitchen and get more.

Oh, the humanity.

Theo has officially graduated to the ducky tub. Dexter alternated between hating and tolerating baths, and now they’re just playtime. Theo, on the other hand, likes to lean back and relax like he’s at a spa.

He lifts his head and chest way up off the ground, but still does not scoot or crawl. His two bottom teeth are poking through. Theo has discovered toys, which is great, because it means occasionally I can set the baby down and hand him something fun and he amuses himself for a few minutes. He sits up on his own but is still pretty bad at it. Lots of toppling.

Double-fisting Dad of the Year.

Theo babbles a lot, and it’s starting to sound like words, which means the parental lobbying has begun, Matt and I chanting DADA DADA DADA and MAMA MAMA MAMA in an effort to make that his first word.

Dex’s first word was Dada but I might have a chance this time around because Theo is pretty into his mom.

It has almost become a problem.

A three hour stretch feels like magic. I am tired. Considering going out half the night but instead of visiting friends, seeing if I can just curl up on their sofas for naps. Hmm.

A little blurry but you can feel the love.

So it’s a good thing Theo is so damn charming. Giggles, cuddles and I can’t say it enough – the brightest smile I have ever, ever seen.

I took this photo in a panic on August 1 because I realized I had hardly taken any for his monthly update and I am so glad I did because LOOK AT THAT SMILE. LOOK AT IT.

Now that I am a wise, knowledgeable (ha! just kidding) parent of two, I know the sleep issues won’t last forever. Like all phases, it will pass. And I hope it does soon.

But Theo’s joyful, loving, adorable phase is what is helping me survive. And that phase? I hope it lasts forever.

At least somebody is getting some rest.

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