Matt’s first Father’s Day in the UK

Dexter, Theo and I had kind of a wacky morning on Friday. On a normal day, we’re eating lunch around 11:30 and Dex is down for nap by 12:30, or else we are in the danger zone for tantrums.

Friday, we were running errands but kept hitting setbacks, so we were late late late. We stopped by Matt’s office for a visit and then we grabbed lunch out, the first time I’ve braved a restaurant with just me + two kids, and we weren’t eating until after 1, so we were deep in the high-risk zone.

And Theo and Dex were both awesome.

They handled themselves wonderfully in the restaurant. A stranger even complimented me on how good they are. And they hung in there the whole rest of the day – a few tears from Theo now and then, but that’s it.

Because they were handling themselves so well, I sprinkled rewards throughout the morning. Dex got to play in a little sand table set up on High Street, I let him sit in the toy fire engine in the baby supplies store, and I bought him a strawberry gelato.

The point is, even though it was crazy, they had a very interesting and fun morning.

When we were finally home and I was snuggling Dex before his nap, I thanked him for being so well-behaved and asked him what he liked best about the day, wondering whether he’d pick the ice cream cone or the sand table.

Dexter didn’t hesitate.

“Seeing Daddy.”

And that is what Matt means to Theo and Dex.

He adores them.

And the feeling is mutual.

Happy Father’s Day, Matt. We love you more than ice cream.

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  1. Absolutely lovely story!!! Thank you so much for all the spreading of love, life, family, and adventures!!

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