Dex and the T. Rex: Theo is two months old

Today, Theo Rex is two months old.

He smiles!

Theo smiles and babbles and gives little giggles. 

Every night, I wake up and nurse him once or twice, and then there’s a final cry around 5-6 a.m. and that’s when I pull Theo into bed with us for a final feed and snooze and it’s the favorite part of my day, even when he creeps over and usurps my half of the bed.

Matt and I have been complaining that he doesn’t sleep enough, and ideally, Theo would nap a little more, but our real issue is that his preferred bedtime is around 11 p.m., midnight, whereas we’d prefer him go to bed when his brother does, around 7:30 p.m.

We spend every night passing him back and forth, nursing (me) and trying to work out burps (Matt), while streaming Netflix. Right now we’re watching 13 Reasons Why, or as we call it, “Suicide and Snacks,” because we eat a lot of snacks while tending to the baby and also we are terrible people.

But once he’s down, he sleeps in pretty long stretches, 3 or 4 hours, sometimes as long as 5 and a half.

And you can’t stay annoyed with this face:

Theo’s favorite place to hang out, weirdly and by far, is on his back atop our living room ottoman.

And his favorite person to hang out with is Dexter. Theo locks eyes on his big brother and you can visibly see him watching what Dex does and absorbing him like a sponge.

What Dexter mostly does, these days, is talk.

Not only is his vocabulary booming, but along with the new words comes his own little verbal tics and they are funny and wonderful and too often fleeting, so I try to get them on video when I can, before they’re gone.

Did you know twelveteen is a number? And the alphabet goes, “A, B, C, D, X, Y, Z,” which is great because that is a lot faster than the version I learned.

Dexter is also picking up on some British-isms better than his parents. He corrected Matt when he said “trashcan” (“bin”) and me when I said “pants” (“trousers”).

For two days, when we’d ask Dex any yes or no question, he’d reply, “Uh… YES,” or “Uh… NO,” with just the right amount of sass.

Earlier this week, he called my strawberry jam “red butter” which reminds me of this:

Every day, I’m excited to find out what Dex will come up with next.

Yesterday, I freaked out because this week Matt goes back to work but I do get eased in, as today’s a bank holiday. But after that, it’s just me and this two-years-and-nearly-a-month-old face:

And of course, this two-months-old face:

Me and Dex and the T. Rex.

Can I handle it?

Uh… YES.

(I think.)

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