Easter 2017: Cause and Effect


Yesterday’s egg hunt was more of a scavenger word game. Great neighborhood event but over Dex’s head, so this morning Matt — er, the Easter bunny — hid six Kinder Eggs around our front garden for Dexter to find.

Dexter is NOT GOOD AT THIS. Many hints and subtly kicking eggs into more visible positions ensued.

Please do not judge our garden. We do not have any way to store lawn equipment so we rely on the kindness of our neighbor to trim things and he’s been travelling. The wilderness-like conditions sure made for a lot of good hiding places, though!

Found one!

Yep. That’s an egg, alright.

Dex may have struggled to find the eggs, but he sure didn’t struggle eating one.

This was the moment right before his eyes rolled back in his head.

Matt also was very excited to escort Dex through eating his first Peep, as they’re Matt’s favorite Easter candy.

There were consequences.


Today is also Theo’s first Easter. Matt’s folks brought him an adorable outfit when they visited, and then Matt looked at it about a week and a half ago and said, “We better put this on him now because it’s not going to fit for Easter,” and I said, “Okay, then we better take some photos, too.”

So here are those:

Bunny feets!

Bunny tail bum!


Smooch! (A little side-eye from Theo Cottontail, there.)

One more note, as I like to record cultural differences here in the UK. Our friends dropped by with some gifts (Thank you, Claire and Adam!) and we noticed these big hollow eggs with a bag of candy inside are HUGE here:

Matt was even more baffled by them – what do you DO with them? – and the answer appears to simply be, “Eat them, duh.” I likened them to the chocolate bunnies common in the U.S. but rather than wasting that hollow interior space, the Brits wisely fill it with MORE candy.

I also included the Smarties eggs because that’s my favorite delicious Easter find, so far.

They do not have Peeps or Robin’s Eggs here. I miss the malty goodness. And they don’t dye eggs! When Matt mentioned this, our friends were like, “Yeah, explain the dyed eggs! Isn’t there a problem with people biting into them and expecting candy and getting an EGG?”

I was like, “No, because people know everyone dyes eggs. You just have to eat a LOT of egg salad after Easter, that’s all.”

Tomorrow is still kind of Easter – it’s the bank holiday, so everyone is off work. Our neighbors are having us for a barbecue.

That is when I will force Theo to wear the bunny ears hat. He probably won’t sweat as much as poor Dex did. Tradition!

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  1. You’ll be relieved to know that this Easter I did NOT make myself sick eating Starburst sour jellybeans, but only because apparently they don’t make them anymore. See what happens when you’re not here? The whole world falls to pieces!

    1. Donald Trump is president… no more Starburst jelly beans… WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE NEXT?!

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