Happy first London birthday, Matt

Like most people, our lives are a patchwork of big decisions, loaded with uncertainty.

Lately, it feels like the stakes are especially high.

Did we make the right choice, packing up our lives and moving to London?

Will we be able to handle the drastic changes a second child brings?

One of the very first photos of Matt and Theo.

Did we screw up my career, by having me take a time out to get settled and have Theo?

The truth is, we don’t know. What is exquisitely frustrating about our current situation is that not only do we not know, but we have to wait to find out – we have to wait for the post-Theo dust to settle and my career to pick back up, however it does, and until we know what all of that looks like, we can’t take any steps in any particular direction.

And it is so frustrating.

I am not comfortable with that level of uncertainty, but I am working on relaxing into it, enjoying the now until it is time for the future’s origami crane to unfold and point the way.

Cool guys.

While I squirm in my seat, waiting for those secrets to be revealed, I take great comfort in one complete and perfect certainty, one decision I am positive I made correctly:

I married the right guy.

Matt is the best husband and father I know. Our sons hit the jackpot, when they got Matt as a dad.

He is the ultimate copilot to sit beside as we navigate these choppy, uncertain times.

Tummy time with the T. Rex.

Happy birthday, Matt. You are loved.

P.S. This year, let’s try to take more photos with you and me both in them, okay? Okay.


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