Answers to some FAQ

Creative toddler activity: Fingerpainting on mommy’s massive belly with coconut oil. I am confident this will take Pinterest by storm.

Does Dexter have a British accent yet?
He does not, but Dex does say exactly ONE word with an accent. We go to organized activities for 1-2 hours, 2-3 times a week but he’s still primarily immersed, language-wise, with Matt and me and our boring ol’ American accents. He probably won’t pick anything up until we send him to nursery or school.

But like I said, he does say one word with an accent: “Locks.” That’s because we frequently ride the “Locksbottom” bus line and the nice automated announcer woman repeats, “Locksbottom,” over and over and it has stuck, but three syllables are a bit much for him so he stops at “Locks.”

Another interesting tidbit is while we were at a friend’s the other day, she noted that the other kids listen carefully to him, because she thinks they realize he sounds a little different. I had not picked up on that. 

Does Dex watch Peppa the Pig?
Up until half an hour ago the answer was no but I just found it on Netflix and we took Peppa for a spin. Whoever created Peppa the Pig is a toddler marketing genius. His grandma sent him a Peppa book for Halloween and for a while, it was our #1 read because he liked to find the pumpkins. He didn’t focus on Peppa much but even so, whenever he’d spot her in the wild — and she’s everywhere — he’d exclaim, “Peppa!”

It’s also the first TV show I’ve seen him giggle along to. I can’t tell yet if showing him was brilliant or the worst idea ever.

When are you due?
March 8. Three weeks from yesterday. NOT THAT I’M KEEPING TRACK.

Do you know if you’re having a boy or a girl?
Yes, another boy. [This is where you tilt your head and smile and say, “Oh, how lovely.”]

How are you feeling?
Exhausted. I need to find new ways to describe the level of tiredness that my constant waking companion, because even I am bored of hearing me say it. I’m having trouble falling asleep, and then when I do, I am up 3-4 times a night. Unlike last pregnancy, when I could work my desk job and then come home and rest, I run around after a toddler all day long.

What’s Cricket’s name going to be? 
Ha ha, nice try, not telling until he’s here.

Are you ready for the new baby? 
Yep, pretty much. We have a short shopping list this weekend and I have a few more things to add to the Go Bag (it’s really a Go Suitcase – you need to bring more stuff here!) but beyond that, Cricket can come at any time.

Do you hear me, Cricket? Any time is fine! Aaaaaaany time. Like right after we buy the nappies and toiletries. Even on the moment we pack them into the Go Bag. No pressure but really – any time you’re good to go, so are we.

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