Hello London: Exploring the Science Museum

London’s Science Museum is gorgeous. It’s beautifully designed and curated, a pleasure to wander.

It is kid-proof and also kid-friendly in parts, with some interactive areas.

I took way too many photos of the next area, where they projected underwater stones on the floor, complete with fish swimming through, and they were interactive! Once Dex got it, he loved it, and he was so adorable to watch.

The next photo, it’s hard to see them on the left, but that’s Matt and Dex using their body movements to create light art on the wall.

Taking a breather with my little buddy and my telltale bump:

The real kid highlight is the basement, er, The Garden. All the way downstairs, it is pretty much just kid heaven – blocks and pods and mirrors and all kinds of neat textures and sights, everything hands-on.

Much bigger than the blocks and Legos at home!

Science Museum is free, but they do have an IMAX theatre which of course, costs $.

Sometimes we feel like Dex is at a weird age for stuff – I keep saying, when he turns 3, our whole world will blow wide open – but this was a good one.

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