Dexter sees snow for the first time

London snow is unusual. The city is 3-4 degrees warmer than the most of the rest of the UK and we just don’t see flakes very often.

But on Thursday, it snowed, a pretty good showing – almost complete ground coverage with fat flakes still falling when Matt got home from work.

Our usual evening routine is Matt and Dex play while I make/finish dinner, then we eat, then bed. That train doesn’t derail very often, but still, when Matt said, “You wanna put on coats and boots and go outside and show him the snow?” I only had to think a second before saying yes.

Who knew how long it would last, or when we’d see it again?

So up we bundled and out we went.

Dexter tossed his first snowball.

And there was even enough to make a (tiny) snowman!

Remember Dexter’s “smile” face?

Dex was having such a good time that when we tried to come in, he cried.

The next morning, it was too slippery for me to venture my poor center of gravity out, but we saw some snow fall from our living room window.

I’m freezing. But I have to admit, it’s been fun.

The snowman fared pretty well, too – he outlasted the ground cover, until this morning, when his head fell off.

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