A Short List of Dumb Things I’ve Done This Week

  1. This morning, I microwaved NOTHING. I don’t mean I put in an empty bowl or mug, oh ho ho, isn’t that funny? I closed the empty microwave, pressed the buttons to start it, and walked away, apparently expecting a warmed breakfast to appear out of thin air, like magic.
  2. I read a story about a couple whose baby was born at 23 weeks, and died a few hours later. I fully knew what the post was going to be about, and clicked the link and read that sucker anyway. I am now re-hydrating to replenish vital moisture lost to copious tears.
  3. I introduced myself to someone, and she said, “Jamie? THAT is an interesting name!” This threw me off so much I just stared at her for probably a full five seconds before blurting out, “IS IT?!” No response.

Help. It’s only Wednesday.

P.S. The first person who utters the phrase “pregnancy brain” gets kicked in the knee. Don’t think you’re safe if an ocean separates us. I know people EVERYWHERE.

At least Dexter looks pleased as punch to be riding the “big seat” on the bus, eating an apple:

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