Our first Christmas in London

I really thought we’d have another 17-20 years before we’d have to worry about Dexter face-planting on a pub floor, but it happened a few days ago. We were with friends waiting to be seated for a late lunch, in a slightly crowded bar area, when Dex sucessfully navigated the stairs and then when taking his next step forward, stumbled and completely failed to stop his fall. (The puffer coat and new backpack he was wearing probably didn’t help.)

Matt scooped him up and sure enough – mouth full of blood. 

Fortunately, he didn’t break any teeth or do any major damage, but it seemed to make him slightly insane because he acted up the rest of the meal. Could have been worse – it was a freaking stone tile floor.

Other than all the face blood, our first holidays in the UK were low-key and good.

We decided to stock up on groceries ahead of the Christmas weekend, so for the first time, took Dex’s wagon down to the shop.

That night, we brought Dexter to Matt’s office where he became so entranced by a movie playing on a big screen and his first lounge in a bean bag chair that he froze in this position, water in midair, for a weirdly long time.

Christmas morning, Dexter wore a onesie that read “Dear Santa… define good” and tore through is gifts.

He was spirited, of course, but did pretty well all day considering his meal schedule went out the window and one of us was handing him a new toy every 30 seconds.

We video chatted with as many friends and relatives as we could cram in and watched holiday movies all day.

Cozy and nice.

Matt has the week off, so we popped over to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. We were expecting a market and surprised to see how carnival-like it was, especially considering it was the coldest day so far. As we walked up, I pointed to the giant swings and said to Matt, “Could you imagine anything worse right now? Gripping the freezing metal chain while your face freezes solid in the wind?” But people were going for it.

If you go, go early. It was nearly empty, and then clearly filling up as we were heading out around noon. Rides are expensive, and there was some good-looking fair food we did not try because also expensive. If you go after Christmas, though, a lot of the vendors slash prices. We got a beautiful cut paper star lantern for dirt cheap.

We left Winter Wonderland and headed toward the East Side, stopping for burgers and to ogle some street decorations along the way.

Matt needed jeans, so we stopped into Gap where I spotted this disturbing scene.

Next we headed to the V & A Museum of Childhood, which I’ve been waiting to visit ever since we landed in England. It was kind of a gamble, heading over there for the afternoon. I was worried Dex would be cranky and lethargic – no nap yet – but not only did he love it, he ran around with the kind of energy kids only get when exploring a whole museum filled with toys.

“Girls knitted wool swimsuit.” For the beach. With the sand. That doesn’t sound itchy AT ALL.

Matt and I had a great time, too.

There were little mini play areas scattered about. We did rush through a bit, toward the end, but had a solid afternoon there. And it’s free!

Introducing The Human Blur.

One last shot – Matt was trying to get a photo to send my folks, to show them the boots they got him. I didn’t mean to photobomb but the picture turned out kind of great.

Happy New Year to our friends and family near and far. If 2017 ever feels like a faceplant on a pub floor, may it also bring you magic and gifts and a whole museum full of toys.


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