Dexter is president of the Teletubbies fan club

I could count on one hand, the number of episodes of Teletubbies Dexter has seen, and of those limited viewings, he saw most of them when we were stuck in the hotel, nearly four months ago. But he remembers them. He points out Teletubbies in stores and magazines. The theme song gets stuck in my head and I catch myself singing it daily, so that probably helps reinforce the power of the Teletubbies.

The other day, we were in the library. I was browsing books in an adult section – honestly, I was keeping Dex away from the children’s part because I was trying to be relatively quick. Didn’t want to take him out of his stroller, then deal with putting him back in. 

So when all of a sudden he started yelling, “Laa Laa! Po! Laa Laa! Po!” I was confused. We weren’t anywhere near where Teletubbies would be… oh, look at that. We were near the parenting section, they had a few kids books on display, and ol’ Eagle Eyes managed to spot a Teletubbies book.

I handed it over to him and he did something that is a running theme in our London lives together: He started singing/talking loudly in an otherwise quiet peaceful place.

Here’s Dex “reading” his Teletubbies book in a silent library:

We brought the book home, and listening to Matt read the stupid copy out loud is one of my greatest joys. And lest you feel bad for the Teletubbies left out, Dex has started saying Dipsy, too.

But not Tinky Winky. As far as Dexter is concerned, Tinky Winky can go straight to hell.

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