Current events as we head into the holidays

Incubating: You know how they say every pregnancy is different? Well… Cricket has been pretty similar to how it was with Dexter. Really, the only big differences are outside factors created by us, such as the move and my time not working and a brand-new medical system and having a toddler leap onto my belly with unbridled abandon. I didn’t have a preventive medical procedure this time around I had last time, which so far has been great – less pain and discomfort. Still no morning sickness, still trying to eat about 59 pounds of food every night. Even belly is about the same. I’d say the only difference is Cricket seems to be even more of a kicker than Dex was – he pretty much kickboxes my insides every night and day. But my memory of Dexter’s movements may be merely faulty, and even their movements are similar.

You know what would be great? If all these similarities were just Cricket’s way of biding his time to show me the biggest difference of all, when I go into labor. As in, my labor and delivery with Dexter were TERRIBLE, and it would be awesome if this time around that was different and the delivery would be EASY and PAINLESS and RAPID.  Let’s go with that theory. What a nice surprise you’re planning, Cricket! Already angling to be my favorite.

This is what Dexter did to my belly yesterday. Matt saw and said, "Awww! He's giving his little brother presents!"
This is what Dexter did to my belly yesterday. Matt saw and said, “Awww! He’s already giving his little brother presents!”

Working: Matt is killing it at his new job. I’m so proud of him. I am interviewing and have a few interesting prospects. We’ll see whether they turn into anything. It’s cool either way.

Nesting: House continues to sloooooowly come together. The Big December Project will be Art on the Walls, because I’m determined for this to really feel like home for Christmas. I’m scouting where we’ll find a tree (and how we’ll get it home without a car) and thinking about how that’s going to be now that Dexter likes to grab shiny things and throw other things into the toilet. Ooh, Santa. Need to see Santa soon.

Eating: Everything. Seriously, did I mention that I’m a relentless eating machine?

Traveling: If we’re a little scarce this week, it’s because we’re headed to Florence for American Thanksgiving. We are meeting up with some pals who will be there at the same time, but other than that, a flight and a flat, we have no plans. No reservations. No tickets or bookings or tours. Just a brand new, beautiful city for my family to explore.

I can’t wait.

P.S. If you hear about a pizza shortage in Florence in the next week or so, you know where to point the finger.

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