A Brentering check-in

Team Awesome is enjoying some upswings.

Most importantly, our stuff finally came!


It arrived a couple of weeks ago. I was terrified it would be completely overwhelming, that we’d be drowning in boxes, but it’s not been so bad. We are only chipping away, though – it’s a huge job, it required some shopping (after all, we got rid of all the furniture in which people generally put stuff) and it’s impossible to do when Dexter is awake, so it’s slow going. The house is starting to feel more like a home, though.

The fact that I keep finding notes from my friends, who secreted them away among our belongings when they helped us pack, goes a long way toward cheering me up.

flatupdatenov04 flatupdatenov09



That last one is the best, as it was clearly a desperate missive begging for escape, written by one of my friend’s daughters who were forced to help us get our house packed up.

No art on the walls yet! We have to get everything else in place so I can figure out what goes where.

This photo has nothing to do with anything except I took it while the guys were getting ready to unload our truck and I think he looks super cute, all bundled up on the sofa like that.

Then, the very next day, our landlord spent most of the day here with two builders, finishing a good chunk of needed repairs.

The ladder is perched between two walls over top a steep wooden staircase. THAT SEEMS SAFE.

Turns out, the landlord used to live in this place with his family. His kids are grown now but his son was Dexter’s age when they lived here and I think seeing Dexter running around dug up some memories. The landlord was having a lot of feelings.

Of course, Dex contributed to his emotional state by being utterly charming and adorable.


Speaking of charming and adorable, Cricket is doing well and so am I. We had a scan Nov. 2 and he looks perfect. He is ACTIVE. I feel him flipping around all the time, and already he kicks so hard that he’ll make a laptop resting on my belly bounce.


For Halloween, I dug out the ol’ pregnant skeleton shirt, and Dexter got it. “Belly! Baby! Belly!” I might have to continue to wear it, just to keep the message clear, so that maybe he’ll stop leaping onto my torso with abandon. Then again, last night, he pointed to his own stomach and shouted, “Belly! Baby! Belly!” so maybe it’s not so clear.


Baby in a box again! He’s got a crayon in his hand and has spent nice chunks of time coloring the inside. Also, one of our sofa cushions.

The box has evolved. It’s now more of a playhouse and isn’t just for coloring anymore.



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    1. When I was pregnant with Dex, Matt had his hand on my belly and Dex kicked SUPER hard, a few times in a row. Matt looked at me with big eyes and I thought he was going to express concern for my well-being but instead, he said, “He is going to be SO GOOD AT SOCCER!”

  1. I totally forgot that we left those notes! I don’t think that you’ve found them all yet, so more warm and fuzzies from your friends to come xxoo

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