The Imperial War Museum

This weekend, we visited the Imperial War Museum London.


It’s beautiful.

But this is just a quick update, because we didn’t spend much time there. Each floor has an exhibit covering a different war, with a floor following a family through WWII (SO cool, this was my favorite part) and then a rooftop terrace with a Holocaust exhibit.

We were partway through WWI when Dex started fussing. I turned to Matt and said, “You know, it took us about an hour to get here and he’s been strapped in his stroller for almost two hours. Also, I’m hungry. Why don’t we go to that nice park outside and get a snack and let Dexter run around and try again?”

So, that’s what we did.


When Dexter "helps" you put your sunglasses on, you have to protect against a gouging.
When Dexter “helps” you put your sunglasses on, you have to protect against a gouging.
A little girl toddled over and wanted to read the book, which was fine, and then wanted to sit on my stomach, which was less fine. Dexter caught a case of the shys and buried his face in my chest the whole time she was there.

We went back inside and walked through the A Family in Wartime section, then I wanted to lay eyes on the rooftop terrace. Worth it.


We got about 15 steps into the Holocaust exhibit and then both realized we don’t really want our toddler to see a Holocaust exhibit. It was getting late anyway, so we headed home, but Matt and I both agree we’d like to visit again, see everything, and spend more time interacting with the exhibits we had to rush through.

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