Our First Tea Time: The Lavender House

The Lavender Room 7Our day-to-day schedule is not so bad, now that we’ve moved, considering we’re all cramped into a single hotel room and we’re five hours ahead. But we do frequently find ourselves wishing for an afternoon snack to tide us over till dinner and then yesterday, it finally dawned on me: That is why British people have afternoon tea. DUH.

We saw the cutest little teahouse a few days ago, on the same block as the laudromat (called a launderette, here) where we washed some clothes. It is called The Lavender House and when we tried to head in while we waited for our stuff to dry, we were told they were closing. (It was 4 p.m. Not a lot of demand for tea after that.)

So we went back today.

It far surpassed our expectations, because not only was it adorable with lots of yummy options, but there was a garden in the back with a little playground. Sitting on a picnic bench, drinking tea and eating pastry and watching your kid run around, is how to live.

The Lavender Room 8

The Lavender Room 6

The Lavender Room 5
Pot of tea and scone and clotted cream and jam for 5 pounds? Yes, please.

The Lavender Room 4

The Lavender Room 3
Dexter can’t believe this is happening.

The Lavender Room 10

The Lavender Room 11

Matt is not a tea fan, but he IS a coconut cake fan, so he gets a slice of that. I get the Cream Tea, sit down with my pretty little cups and dishes… and then realize that although I’ve heard the phrase “clotted cream” a number of times, I have no idea what it actually is.

Just in case you, also, have no idea what clotted cream is: turns out it’s like butter, but softer and less intensely flavored. Butter is my favorite food, so this pleases me.

The Lavender Room 2

The one big downside to the place is that the ground is DIRTY DIRT. Not grass, not mulch. Dirt. If you take your kid to The Lavender Room, make sure you don’t have anywhere nice to be afterward or make sure you have time to visit the Launderette a few doors down.

The Lavender Room 12
See that little bench nook in the corner, to the right? That’s where I’d sit if I was having tea with a girlfriend.
The Lavender Room 1
From the gate that opens to a side street, it looks like a little secret garden.

We have a lot of teahouses to explore, but unless they all have stealth playgrounds, we’ll definitely return to The Lavender Room.


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