C is for Cookie (L is for Lion King, P is for Pool…)

Dexter had a hell of a weekend. Observe:


But let’s start at the beginning.

Dex is a really lucky kid who has wonderful friends and family, so he got a lot of nice new toys for his birthday. It was too many to toss at him all at once, so we’ve been doling them out, and Saturday morning I introduce his new little wooden sorter. BIG SUCCESS.

LionKingWkend (8)

What he really likes to do, though, is sort the blocks by taste.

LionKingWkend (9)LionKingWkend (10)

Also makes a quality footrest.

LionKingWkend (11)

That afternoon, he accompanied us┬áto a pool party. Looking very stylish, and all he’d do is point to things and any number of nice young women jump up to fetch them for him. The inflatable duck toys are a favorite object of desire.

LionKingWkend (1)

He is kind of freaked out by the pool at first, but he does eventually get in with me and splash around. No photos of that but here’s another nice one of him on the sidelines.

LionKingWkend (2)

As we’re preparing to leave, our friend is holding him on her lap while he crams tortilla chips into his mouth as quickly as he can, gag reflex be damned. Suddenly, he throws up – and our friend, a mother herself, puts out her hand to catch it. I stand there in shock for a full two seconds before diving for the paper towels and giving Matt the universal signal for “OMG our kid is a hot mess and we need to get out of here.”

Sunday, we buy groceries and sign Dexter up for the Publix Kids Cookie Club. It’s not till he’s┬ámunching away (really licking the sprinkles) that we realize it’s his first cookie, so I capture the moment as well as his eerily adult and casual grocery cart lounge position.

LionKingWkend (3)LionKingWkend (4)

Next we head to Epcot. About halfway through the trip, I’m watching Matt put Dexter back into his stroller after taking him out for a break.

Me: “Aren’t you going to strap him in?”

Matt: “Nah, he’ll be fine.”

Next thing I see:

LionKingWkend (7)LionKingWkend (6)

We cap of the day getting our epic Lion King photo. Passers-by actually cheered and clapped in delight as Matt and Dexter pose.

And then it’s time to drive home.


“I’m not tired, I’m just gonna play with my foo-zzzzzz.”


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