Dexter Ian: Six Months Old

DexMonth6Dexter Ian is six months old today. Matt and I have been parents for a whole half of a year! The big news is he’s in daycare now, where he’s breaking hearts and you guessed it – refusing naps. The kid is a man of action and just doesn’t like to sleep. At this moment in time, though, nighttime is going pretty well. (Subject to change at whim of tiny human.)

Dexter’s favorite things are sweet potatoes, bouncing in his bouncer, chewing on everything and disarming his parents with the most handsome smile you’ve ever seen. He babbles and seems close to a word, so every time he makes word-like sounds Matt and I swoop in and start saying “Dada! Dada!” and “Mama! Mama!” in an effort to lobby the baby in his choice of first word, because of course, this is a competition. When this happens, Dex usually just smiles knowingly, like he’s thinking, “Damn, do I ever have these two wrapped around my finger.”

He’s right.

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